THE DISTANCE - Available NOW on digital formats, CD and Vinyl

"Thorcraft Cobra have perfected the seemingly lost art of combining big, radio friendly hooks with big, classic rock guitars.” - LA Weekly 

“Nuanced pop-rock that proves there’s not a single ounce of queasy ambivalence that a giant chorus won’t wash away.” – 

“A power pop jewel – polished, poised and seriously in the pocket.” - Glide 

With Thorcraft Cobra, Canadian Cold meets California Cool. Billy Zimmer and Tammy Glover first crossed paths when their respective acts were signed to the same label. Together, Billy (Brown Eyed Susans) and Tammy (Sparks) combine a knack for concise pop songwriting, a gift for crafting immediately engaging melody, and impeccable taste in rock and roll sonics into something that is both fresh and undeniable. 

The band has released a highly acclaimed self-titled EP, a debut full-length entitled Count It In, and now their second full-length, and first vinyl release, The Distance. 

Thorcraft Cobra is possessed of the rare gift of crafting melodic moods that align precisely with the lyrical worlds contained within their songs. Their music is infused with genuine feeling and thought, every note and every single word placed with purpose. The record is an inspiring statement, wrought by continually adjusting and adapting. Failing, yes, yet never stopping, determined to go The Distance. 

Order The Distance on vinyl here.


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